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1 EWG = 0.15S$

Cryptocurrency Prices

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Cryptocurrency Price 24h % Change 24h Volume (coin) Supply
Bitcoin $15,538.50 3.05% $22,148,900,000 16,783,087 BTC
Ethereum $1,068.11 11.81% $7,326,220,000 96,780,112
Ripple $3.21 -12.56% $7,774,490,000 38,739,144,847 *
Monero $400.97 -2.24% 2,281,288 LTC 15,564,842
Litecoin $246.80 4.66% $3,394,090,000 54,621,808

Need to take care
of your Currency Investments

The Crypto currency movement is meant to let people safely send money across a distance without risk of fraud or third-party or bank intervention. While Crypto currency transactions can be relatively anonymous, that's not the goal. Crypto currencies are simply about helping people safely and efficiently complete transactions online and offline without geographical boundaries.

The mathematics behind e world gold coin (Any Crypto currency) is quite complex and the system is set up to limit the number of EWG Coins that can be created. The system will create 600,000,000 EWG Coins before it stops.

This limitation means that as demand grows, EWG Coins are worth more and more - usually. Not to forget Crypto currencies are volatile, to say the least. Their value can change in seconds, and it fluctuates dramatically from day to day.

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