Crypto currencies are based on Block chain technology they are the future financial revolution,
    decentralized ledger system engulfed with high security, with simplified design and cool to operate.



    EWG coin is one such cryptographically designed financial digital freedom.
    It's secured, stable, decentralised, instant, block chain, global & first independent crypto coin



    Digital Money, very easy to use without borders, barriers and access for all.
    Be your own Bank, get ready for next generation

About eWorld Gold Coin

E World Gold Coin is a Global decentralized crypto currency.

The world is banking more towards the digital currency owing to its significance, safety and global acceptance. In short the crypto currency is booming and in future this will be setting new benchmarks to make life easy. With the emerging digital era and the virtual currency, with a vision to connect the world with a common gateway. We introduce you to the future of crypto currency. We bring you E world gold coin.

We, aim to be a part of the digital revolution and are all set to give the e-world gold coin a strong foundation... read more

Till 19th century

Historic coins

Beginning of 20th century

Fiat money

Mid 20th century

Plastic money

21st century

Crypto currency

Why Choose e World Gold Coin

E World Gold Coin is the state of the art solution built on most advanced crypto logical capabilities & speed Network to deliver blazing fast, secure and very less cost payments to anyone in the world.

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We introduce you to the future of crypto currency. We bring you E world gold coin.

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E world gold trade is global crypto currency company to launch simplest mobile e world gold trade wallet app that enables EWG coin transactions using mobile number and email id's without any complexities to understand wallet addresses, taking backups or fear of losing EWG Coins. Using EWG Coin wallet app and eworldgold trade app, users can buy, sell, store and spend EWG Coin using mobile number and a 6-digit pin.

E World Gold Coin Uses encryption and a block chain database that enables the fast anonymous transfer of funds outside a traditional centralized payment system

Pre Tokens Booking Started

1 EWG = 0.15S$

how it Works



Signup eWorldGold Coin. Go to buy / sell e World Gold Coin. Verify your ID by simply clicking a photo of your ID.


For buying e World Gold Coin, make payment online by Bitcoin or ether. The coin shall be added to your e World Gold Coin wallet in your login.


Log in to EGW Wallet or Exchange and Go to buy / sell e World Gold Coin screen. Enter amount and place your buy or sell order.

Need to take care
of your Currency Investments

The Crypto currency movement is meant to let people safely send money across a distance without risk of fraud or third-party or bank intervention. While Crypto currency transactions can be relatively anonymous, that's not the goal. Crypto currencies are simply about helping people safely and efficiently complete transactions online and offline without geographical boundaries.

The mathematics behind e world gold coin (Any Crypto currency) is quite complex and the system is set up to limit the number of EWG Coins that can be created. The system will create 600,000,000 EWG Coins before it stops.

This limitation means that as demand grows, EWG Coins are worth more and more - usually. Not to forget Crypto currencies are volatile, to say the least. Their value can change in seconds, and it fluctuates dramatically from day to day.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Get updated rate of Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Price 24h % Change 24h Volume (coin) Supply
Bitcoin $15,538.50 3.05% $22,148,900,000 16,783,087 BTC
Ethereum $1,068.11 11.81% $7,326,220,000 96,780,112
Ripple $3.21 -12.56% $7,774,490,000 38,739,144,847 *
Monero $400.97 -2.24% 2,281,288 LTC 15,564,842
Litecoin $246.80 4.66% $3,394,090,000 54,621,808

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